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 In order to reserve the computer lab, you must have a High Plains Library District Library Card.

You can call us at 1-888-861-READ(7323) or use our Room Reservation Calendar to set up a reservation.

To reserve a computer lab at your local library please follow these steps:

1.) Visit the High Plains Library District website.

2.) Click on “Contacts”

3.) Click on “Locations and Hours”

4.) Locate the Library where you would like to have your event.

5.) Click on the link for that library that says, “Reserve a Room.”

6.) This will take you to our Meeting Room policy and details what you can and cannot do while using the Library’s Meeting Room and Computer Lab

7.) Once you are done reading our rules for reserving a meeting room and Computer Lab click at the bottom, “I agree to the rules of the Meeting Room/Computer Lab.”

8.) A calendar page will now open that shows the events taking place in that library’s meeting room/computer lab. Bold text indicates that the event is Library directed, while plain text, usually, means that it is patron directed.

9.) Locate the month and day that you would prefer for your event, as long as they are available, and click on the number for that day.

10.) Schedule the hours that you would like your event to be held between.

11.) You will then be directed to fill out an information page that will list what the meeting is about, who will be the card holder, telephone, etc. Once this is filled out, click, “Verify Request.”

12.) The form will then ask if the information is all correct. Click cancel if it is not and refill out the form, or click “Submit Request” to send in your request.

13.) A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. The reservation will then be confirmed by Library Staff.

14.) The computer lab is now yours to use on the date and time you specified.