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 We do, indeed, work hard to include our local authors. Most titles are brought to our attention by the author. Their works are accepted and retained based on our usual collection development guidelines.

Examples include:

• Is it an activity book (coloring book, fill in the blanks, etc)? If so, we do not add these to the collection.

• If it’s an informational book, is the information accurate and/or authoritative? We want to provide good information as much as possible.

• Has the book circulated at least once in the 3 years that we have had it available? If not, it may be removed from the collection.

There is a large project in the works to let people search for “local author.” It will take some time (perhaps as much as a year or so!) but we want to make it happen. We greatly value the creative people in our community and want to highlight their efforts!

You can also fill out our Suggest a Title form that gets sent to our Collection Resource Department.